Welcome to AtlusBloc!

We aim to be the empowering foundational building blocks for entrepreneurs in the digital generation.

We empower entrepreneurs with three basic foundations:

1. Secured documents management 2. Clients communications 3. Billing and activity logging

Take a deep breath. We got this.

AtlusBloc App

To enable entrepreneurs (small-business owners, independent contractors, and freelancers) to focus on what they do best; by providing them the powerful infrastructure in Document Management, Clients Communication, and Activity and Billing tracking.

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Developers Market

We are computer geeks (a.k.a Software Whisperers) just like you!

AtlusBloc is built to be modular so that external developers can easily develop plugins and extensions for us. You get to keep 100% of the revenue, and our users get the best and fastest working on their requirements. Sound like you? Work with us.

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Custom Development

We do web and custom development too!

Sometimes you just can't find what you need. We help you walk through requirements, build specs, and create technology that suits your need

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Products and Services


Just like you, we want to focus on a couple things, and do it really well. Here are the things we are great at. Interested? Give us a shout!

Our Portfolio Focus

We work with all types of SMEs and Entrepreneurs. Below are the portfolio that we have been involved with in the past. We need you to vary it up.

Web applications
Mobile application
Web design
Photography and Branding

What do we do?

Being independent does not have to mean being small. Whether you are a lawyer owning your own practice, an entrepreneur with your fast growing business, or an independent contractor, there is a way to manage and integrate all aspects of your businesses. We understand running your own business is challenging enough. We empower entrepreneurs with three basic foundations:

  • Secured documents management:
  • Clients communications:
  • Billing and activity logging:

Take a deep breath. We got this.

Our philosophy is: You don't have to see us, unless it's for beer. We build relationships with our clients through robust software and the best advice we could give to you. Our goal is to let you focus 100% of your energy on what your business does best, and leave the technology to us, and the AtlusBloc app. We also connect you to the amazing community of "computer geeks" who build modular apps that cater to exactly what you need, without the price tag of a large consultant firm. We succeed when you don't need us.

As a professional photography and a Computer Graphics graduate, our founder believes in the ability to communiate through visual design and imagery. He also believes that Design should be simple and assessible to all entrepreneurs, not just companies with big budgets and Sillion Velley folks. This very website communicates that belief.

Who do we work with?

SME and Entrepreneurs

We work with business owners to build the foundation of their business, letting them focus on what they do best. We provide:

  • Robust, reliable application to manage your CRM and ERP all in one Cloud platform
  • Only buy what you need. No need for bulky, not-used functionality
  • Easy, predictable pricing
  • Ability to request new functionality directly and have it developed by popularity
  • Fast turnaround to development need

App and software developers

We connect developers with business users directly, letting them unleash creativity and skills on real problems that are voted on and requested by users. We do so by:

  • Stable, innovative platform for development CRM and ERP Cloud Platform
  • Faster time-to-market for your developed add-on
  • Only develop what customers have requested and needed
  • You get 100% of your development pricing. Always!

Politicians, Artists, Writers, and Musicians

We believe you are entrepreneurs too. Gone are the days of passively waiting to be discovered. Independent artists and politicians can launch their career and effectively manage their activities by technology. Let us bridge that gap for you!

Product Features


Our Web Development Works


We understand the web. As entrepreneurs, you are the best at what you do. You want a web presence that is functional and authentic to the work that you do, but you do not have time and budget for customization. We get it. We are entrepreneurs too. Work with us. If you need a little more convincing, here are a couple of sites that we have worked on.

    • Fully customize artist portfolio

    • Nation Builder websites

    • Wordpress customization